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    22 Photos That Perfectly Explain Mall Culture In The Philippines

    Malling: Going to the mall with a large group of people with no intention of buying anything.

    In the Philippines, brand new shopping malls pop up ALL THE TIME.

    Philippines RealtyTv / Via

    Did we ask for all of these shopping malls? Not necessarily.

    But they have become a quintessential part of city life in the Philippines.

    If you're visiting for the first time, you'll notice a uniquely Filipino mall culture.

    Saying you're "going to the mall" in the Philippines has completely different implications than going to the mall in any other country in the world.

    1. You'll find some congestion at the entrance.

    2. You can definitely get lost a few times.

    3. If the month ends in "-ber," you'll see Christmas decorations and hear Christmas music.

    Juan Manila Express / Via

    If you didn't know all the lyrics to Jose Marie Chan's "Christmas in Our Hearts" before coming to the mall, you'll have the song memorized before you leave.

    4. You can hear three different songs being played at the same time. It's because there are karaoke machine demos everywhere.

    5. There's usually a stage used for a variety of events and performances. It's a place where fans can see their favorite celebrities.

    6. There are special events for kids.

    7. And stars-to-be of all ages can try for their big break.

    8. At the mall, you can meet a newly-crowned beauty queen.

    9. Or at least meet a cardboard cutout of a beauty queen.

    10. You can buy groceries at the mall.

    11. You can catch the latest local and Hollywood films at the mall.

    12. You can even sometimes go to church at the mall.

    Chapel of the Holy Family / Via

    Our Lady of Perpetual Spending, pray for us.

    13. You can buy pretty much anything, like a new air conditioning unit.

    14. In the mood for a larger purchase? There are a handful of travel agencies at the mall.

    15. On a budget? We love a good promo.

    16. Of course, it's important to stay hydrated.

    17. We love grabbing a warm hug from good friends.

    18. After all of that walking, there are so many restos in the mall to grab a bite to eat. But DON'T TOUCH THE FOOD YET!

    19. Not into shopping? Most malls have an art exhibition.

    20. Afterwards, why not catch a game of basketball?

    21. Or even join a badminton tournament?

    22. Above all, the Filipino mall is a place for friends and families to connect.

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