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"Suspended Coffee"

The "suspended coffee" ("caffè sospeso" in Italian) is a Napolitan tradition which consists in paying for an extra coffee at the bar, so when someone in need comes in and asks for a "suspended coffee" it is there for them to drink.

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This tradition is said to come from the arguments that are typical of Napolitan friends in a bar, when it comes to pay for coffees. In facts, Napolitans are generally generous and are always willing to pay for friends. When this desire is shared by a lot of people in the same group, though, and extra coffee could be paid without anybody noticing it. So here's the solution!

This is just one of the numerous solidarity initiatives that were, and still are, popular in the Italian city. Paying in advance for someone in need, shows just how strong the bond among fellow Napolitan citizens is.

But this tradition was also adopted by other countries, such as Spain, Russia, Greece, Finland, Canada, France, Newcastle, Ireland, Burlgaria and Argentina ("empanada pendiente"). So if you ever find yourself in a place where this beautiful act of solidarity is adopted, pay for a "suspended coffee" and make someone's day a little better!

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