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5 Easy Southern Italian Recipes

Italy has a great cooking tradition and it is praised for it all around the world. Unfortunately some recipes, once exported, are re-adapted and lose their true essence. Here's a list of 5 easy souhern Italian secipes!

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Zucchine alla scapece:

This is a typical Napolitan side dish. It is usually eaten in the summertime.

Chop the zucchini in slices (be careful not to slice it too slightly) and fry it in generous seed oil. Once the zucchini is "golden", put it on blotting paper and add salt, fresh mint leaves and wine vinegar.

Frittata di maccheroni rossa (red macaroni omelette):

This is also a typical Napolitan dish and is perfect for trips, pic-nics and long days out.

Cook normaly some spaghetti, maccheroni or bucatini, make sure that the pasta is "al dente" (undercooked). Cook the tomato sauce with fresh tomato and basil. Add scrambled raw eggs to the pasta (1 egg every 3,5 oz). Add the tomato sauce and pecorino cheese (as much as you want). Heat a medium-tall pun and cover it in butter. Pour the pasta and cook it well on one side before flipping it over. Flip the pasta and cook on low heat until toasted.

Polipetti alla Luciana (little octopus alla Luciana):

This is a shouthern Italian main dish or, if you want, a sauce to dress pasta with.

Cook (for short time and on high heat) some peeled tomatoes sauce with oil, chili pepper and parsley. Add eviscerated little octopus, cover the pot and turn down the heat. Mix every once in a while and eke the water evaporate. Let it cook for about 45-60 minutes on low heat and take off the lid during the last 30 minutes. When cooked, add generous fresh parsley and salt (as much as you want). If you want to can dress some spaghetti with this sauce.

Pasta alla puttanesca:

This main course was invented by the owner of a brothel. "Puttana", infact, means "prostitute".

Fry slightly in oil some "dressed garlic" (do not peel it), black stoned olives, capers, chili pepper and parsley. Take off the garlic and add peeled tomatoes. Add salt and cook for about 30 minutes. When ready add fresh parsley and cooked spaghetti.


This is a typical summertime main course. There are many versions of it.

Wet some dry bread and chop it into pieces the size you prefer. Chop some tomatoes, celery, mozzarella, tuna, corn, basil and black olives. Add all this to the bread and add also olive oil and salt (as much as you want).

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