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    • marianadas

      FACT: when you see television programs, movies, shows, anything media related at all- you’re being influenced to live your life the way they want you to. They’re coming up with more and more different gadgets that even young children use daily or have their own and are being brainwashed as they grow- instead of playing with other kids, embracing imagination and creativity and having minds of their own. They want you to be lazy, go to school and learn what they WANT you to learn, go to work, get a house, pay bills etc. Sure the song “I could be the one-avicii vs nicky romero” there’s that little talk thing where the girl says exactly that, “grow up go to school get a job get a house get a mortgage die..” to her psychiatrist and her psychiatrist says “let me get you some more medication” .. their brainwashing techniques is in every little bit of society- only way to escape it is grow your own food, teach yourself instead of trusting the education system.. basically trust fuck all. -.- About the Satanic shit and Illuminati.. it sounds very fairytale-like, but who knows, that could be it. Could be some fucking war between God and Satan.. who knows -.- - rant over, sorry… :L

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