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16 Things People With PCOS Want You To Know

"Being diagnosed remains one of the biggest mysteries and reliefs in my life."

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a common condition that affects how a woman's ovaries work.

It affects 1 in 5 women in the UK, and symptoms include irregular or no periods, heavy periods, excess body and facial hair, acne, pelvic pain, and weight gain. It has no cure.

We asked people in the Buzzfeed Community to tell us what it's like to have PCOS. Here's what they said.

1. There is an annoying lack of awareness about the condition.

2. The symptoms are super hard to deal with.

3. And the emotional toll is just as bad.

4. It literally affects every aspect of life.

5. People can be super ignorant about it.

6. And sometimes they don't get it even after you explain it to them.

7. Fertility is a tricky topic to discuss.

8. Though not everyone with PCOS wants babies anyway.

9. People get diagnoses at different times.

10. But there doesn't seem to be all that much information about it at hand.

11. Birth control is prescribed to help with symptoms, but not everyone understands that.

12. People try lots of different things to deal with their PCOS.

13. You can go from the heaviest period of all time to none at all.

14. Bursting ovarian cysts are a thing.

15. Too many totally unfair assumptions are made about people who have it.

16. Having PCOS doesn't make you any less of a woman.

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