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The Fandom With The Biggest Heart

Kristen Stewart fans come together to raise money for the star’s birthday. This annual tradition started in 2013; to date, the fandom has donated $87,668.

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Kristen Stewart's Birthday Project


Through out Kristen Stewart’s career, she has been apart of movies that tell a story about unfortunate circumstances. Some of those movies are The Cake Eaters, Welcome To The Riley’s, and Still Alice. Stewart is passionate about the characters she plays and the unfortunate circumstances they go through. The star’s incredible performance and passion for those movies inspired fans to do their part in raising awareness. Every year, leading up to Stewart’s birthday on April 9, fans start a campaign to donate to a charity in the star’s name.

The fans call this mission, “Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Project” founded in 2013. The year it was founded, the charity of choice was “Children of the Night”. This is a charity that recues children from prostitution, which was inspired by Stewart’s role in Welcome To The Riley’s. The fans raised $7,600 for this charity. Since the first attempt at this project, the donation numbers have more than doubled.

The following years, in 2014 and 2015, the charities of choice were Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and Alzheimer’s Association. These charities were chosen based on Stewart’s role of a daughter to an Alzheimer’s patient in Still Alice. The fans raised $24,000 and $27,000, respectively. It was 2014 when Stewart was asked about her fans dedication to donate to charities for her birthday. It was then she shared her thanks to the fans for raising awareness for such important causes.

In 2016, the fans chose to go in a bit of a different direction when choosing which charity to donate to. That year they picked the Lange Foundation, which is an animal rescue program. This was inspired by Stewart’s love for animals. The donations came in at $17,000 that year.

Finally, this brings us to 2017. Given the political charge leading up to this point and Stewart’s firm political standing, this year’s birthday project went political too. Stewart has shown a great deal of support to Planned Parenthood; therefore, the liberal fans decided that this year’s birthday project would benefit Planned Parenthood. The final donations came in at $12,068.

The charities are chosen through multiple polls, the final most popular poll result is then chosen for the yearly donation project. The fans strive to pick charities that not only Stewart would be proud to support, but they would be proud to support as well. It makes fans proud to be a little part in the bigger picture of these charities and help raise awareness. Kristen Stewart’s fans come from near and far, from different cultures and countries, with different upbringings and standards, but they all manage to come together and raise money for great causes once a year.

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