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Top 10 Reasons Maria Spiridigliozzi Would Enhance BuzzFeed

Graduating early causes massive amounts of stress. Nothing relieves stress, or life worries, like BuzzFeed. The listicles about cute puppies, and genuine articles about Iran, same sex equality, and personal essays provide hours of entertainment and stress relief. Here's how I can help make all of that the best on the web.

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10. My long Italian last name forced me to develop excellent people skills

Written here in its original format and in the phonetic pronunciation. The name originates between Naples and Rome.

Growing up anywhere I went people would comment on my name. "Is that Italian?" they would ask. "Yes it is." I would reply.

Another response I frequently get is, "Must have taken you a while to learn how to spell that!" To which I respond, "Well, I learned it in pre-school, and then I just got into the rhythm of spelling it." I have a canned response to almost any comment someone may make about my last name. My small talk skills benefited from all those i's.

On my first degree black belt, they forgot the i between the d and g.

9. By graduating early I can move out to Los Angeles earlier, and work for your wonderful team. / Via

A Print and Multimedia Journalism major, I finish school in December, a semester early.

Over the years I took classes and internships which taught me writing, reporting, and photography skills. I'm well versed in InDesign, Audition, and Photoshop. I've used WordPress, BuzzFeed's post generator (what I made this with!) and Tumblr.

I'm also familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

7. I love longform stories, which really think about one topic.

Junior year of college I started Five Cent Sound (formerly Chaos Magazine) with a few friends. We gathered a staff of 40+ people and went to work. Here I wrote the letter from the editor, and a feature about My Chemical Romance's career.

5. I can also use the internet for fun things. / Via

For example, if you stumble upon my tumblr you'll find grammar jokes, literary jokes, pictures of Liz Lemon, Parks and Rec, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and random art.

I also frequently worship at the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter alters.

4. I also spend a lot of time doing artistic things, and thinking outside the box.

I drew this elephant for my friend Devon last year. In the same style I drew: a cat, a giraffe, a dove, and a butterfly.

During the day I search the internet for my next art project, observing what others are doing and the trends in the DIY world. My mother taught me to sew, crochet, knit, and make magic wands (yes, like in Harry Potter.)

2. BuzzFeed combines the best parts of the internet. / Via

I can come find 27 gifs of a dog running after a leaf. I can also find longform articles about same sex marriage, Bull Fighting in America, and many other topics typical papers might not think of.

It combines the best parts of the internet into one large mash of pop culture and opinions.

1. Here's a sample of what I could bring to BuzzFeed:

Aside from a positive attitude, love of writing in any form, and inquisitive nature, I also have some ideas for BuzzFeed posts. I've already posted two stories under this username, but here's some things I thought I would save for you:

What happened to the music video? - They disappeared from TV screens in the mid 2000s, but they've resurged - but where are they airing?

18 Most hipster photographs to ever grace the planet

20 suburban white girl things tumblr thinks make great photographs

10 best animated movies not by disney

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