• NoNO

      I love Fresh Off The Boat, I think it’s funny and never ceases to amuse me. I’ll continue watching it as long as they keep making it, never miss an episode! Same with “The Last Man On Earth” on FOX on Sundays, another good show I hope to see more of. While most people are watching The Walking Dead (which bores the hell out of me) I’m tuning into TLMOE. And for the commenter below who says no sitcom accurately portrays a family, no matter the race. Roseanne, I will say it over and over. Roseanne was so close to my family, the love but also smart mouthed, the “I’ll call you a bitch one minute and laugh with you the next” which is a theme in Roseanne will always relate with me and my family.

    • NoNO

      I dunno, I was born in 1993 and remember many, many of these. I had sisters who were born in the 80s though, and an older brother too, so maybe that’s why? But I had many of these things, who else remembers that damn bear from hell Teddy Ruxbin? (Or however he was spelled!) and that aggravation when your cake would get stuck in the Easy Bake Oven, so your mom would have to unplug it and shake the damn thing and pry the light bulb cooked cake out? Also, Lite Brite!

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