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9 Special Collectibles From Disgraced Companies You Can Buy On eBay

People are hocking everything from Salomon Brothers stock certificates to a Bear Stearns visor, in case you want the corporate memories.

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7. A Stratton Oakmont training guide from 1995 for $30.

The seller claims to have worked at the firm that inspired The Wolf of Wall Street in the mid-90's and has a few of these guides on hand. Again, those interested should buy now, as only two of the original 10 for sale remain in stock.

8. A Bear Stearns "Wall Street Computer/Shoulder Bag" for $82

According to the seller, this item has been "sitting in [his or her] closet since 2008!" Wonder why? And the seller must be eager to get rid of it, offering free shipping for this piece of financial crisis nostalgia.

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