16 Ways You Know You’re About To Lose Your Job

If you get an all-office email containing any of the following, it’s probably time to start up the job search.

1. “We’ll be making some organizational changes in the weeks to come.”

2. “We’ve decided to engage in some restructuring.”

3. “We’ll be doing some downsizing.”

4. “We’re trying to achieve more cost synergies.”


5. “By leveraging existing capabilities.”

6. “We’ll be identifying any redundancies…”

7. “…and nonessential roles.”

8. “We’re going to engage in some outsourcing to adjust to shifts in demand.”

9. “In an effort to streamline our business model…”

10. “Put another way, we’re rebalancing to increase cost-effectiveness.”

11. “This excess-reduction exercise…”

12. “…sometimes referred to as ‘rightsizing’…”

13. “…or ‘smartsizing’…”

14. “…This will result in an Involuntary Reduction in Force.”

Known among corporate types as “IRIF.”

15. “These efforts will allow us to achieve workforce optimization…”

16. “…and a simplification of our org chart.”

So what should you do now?

No, really, it’s not all bad. You might realize you hated that job anyway.

Some people are afraid to take a leap or switch careers. This could give you the motivation you need to move on from a soul-crushing job.

Take some time to yourself and enjoy your newfound freedom!

If you have savings, start exploring a new hobby or take time to see the people who you never had time for due to your demanding job. If not, get creative about ways to bring in money that don’t involve the aspects of the corporate 9-to-5 you hated, like freelancing.

And when you’re ready, fire up the job search.

If you’ve been able to take time off, you’ll be more relaxed and confident in yourself during your job hunt because you’ll have a better idea of what you want out of a role…

You could land a job with better management.

…and a better idea of what you don’t want out of a manager.

Or even finally find a position that actually makes you happy!

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