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May 5, 2017

Kids Going To Prom This Year Need To Chill The Fuck Out

Whatever happened to just asking someone in the hallway? Like ya know, sans flash mob.

1. 2017 prom

Brenda Sierra
Brenda Sierra

Getting a prom dress for your dog.

Your prom

Pinterest @JosephDiFranco / Via

Having your dog ruin your prom pictures.

2. 2017 promposal

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Sherrod Taylor / Via

A literal flash mob.

Sherrod Taylor / Via

Your promposal

Instagram @nicksimmonskid

A clementine he found in his lunchbox.

3. 2017 prom send-off

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A Beyoncé-themed entrance.

Your prom send-off

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Finest Vines / Via

Singing along to Beyoncé as you drive yourself to prom.

4. 2017 prom whip

a limo was too predictable, so of course my girlfriend got us a Maserati for prom😉

Your prom whip: Mom in her van

5. 2017 prom dress

Your prom dress


Well... it's definitely easier to dance in.

And you got it at DEB.

Clearville Mall / Via

6. If no one asked you to prom in 2017, you took your acceptance letter from Harvard.

Couldn't find a man to accept me for prom so I took a college that did #Harvard2021 #prom2k17 💕🙏🏾

Via Twitter: @prizxillas

7. If no one asked you to your prom, you forced your friend Ben to take you...

Ben Tracy

Thanks again, Ben. Love ya, buddy.

8. 2017 prom hair

Your prom hair

9. 2017 Prom: Sponsored by Doritos

RT @goodnewsnetwork: Doritos Flies Couple to Prom After Snack-Themed Promposal

Via Twitter: @DolanFund

Your prom: Ate Doritos.

10. 2017 prom photographer: Your date

Your prom photographer: Mom with the digital camera


Turn the flash off, mom. Seriously. Turn it off.

11. A bold statement at 2017 prom: A Black Lives Matter dress

A bold statement at your prom: Going by yourself

What's the only thing your prom and prom 2K17 have in common?

"Get Low" came on and everybody got wild.

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The Orchard / Via

If you didn't get low, did you even go to prom?

Buena Vista Television
  1. So...did "Get Low" play at your prom?

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So...did "Get Low" play at your prom?
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    Yes. And I got low.
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    Nope. I remained upright.

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