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    14 Reasons Why Cruella De Vil Is Secretly A Feminist Hero

    Just put aside the whole "killing puppies thing" for like a minute.

    1. She is a successful career woman who runs her own business.

    2. Unlike most managers, Cruella immediately recognizes her talented female employee.

    3. And even demonstrates interest in Anita's personal life.

    4. She uses her position of power and relative privilege to lift up other women.

    5. And this is Cruella's face when Anita tells her that she plans to quit her job once she gets married.

    Also, Anita.... Come on, girl. Lean in.

    6. And when Anita decides to marry a man after spending ONE afternoon with him (which even for Disney standards is INSANE)...

    7. Cruella is duly skeptical.

    This is also the point in the movie where we learn that Anita, an adult woman, still has a nanny.

    Sound familiar?

    8. Cruella's so successful that she can throw down £7,500 for some puppies like it's no big deal.

    9. She is surrounded by inept men who are outsmarted by baby dogs. Sad.

    10. Between running her own company and orchestrating elaborate puppy heists, Cruella still finds the time to look amazing in every scene.

    11. She maintains her razor-sharp wit even in moments of duress. Like when this rodent stole her hat.

    12. She has no need for babies.

    13. But above all, Cruella goes after what she wants and she doesn't give a damn what other people think.

    By the end of the movie: Roger enjoys professional success and creates a hit video game...

    14. ...Anita has quit her job to stay home with her baby even though she has a nanny...

    ...and a powerful, opinionated woman has been dragged through the literal mud.

    Cruella is amazing and this movie villainized working women. I love you, Cruella!

    *Except for the part about you wanting to turn puppies into coats, which is admittedly difficult to overlook.