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What's The Best Photoshop You Can Do With This Picture?

Time to work that photo magic.

We all love Daniel Radcliffe even when he's 11 and looks like this...

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

But this picture is clearly ripe for some photoshopping.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

And the internet has already produced some breathtaking interpretations. Like this...

Redit user: A_Becker/Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

...Or this...

...This too...

Reddit User: funny-lookin-stain/ Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

...This too...

Reddit User: artunitic/Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

...And this.

Reddit user: PeakedAt10/ Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

So use THIS magic wand...

Mariah Oxley

Not this one.

Warner Bros. Pictures. / Via

And post your photo in the Dropbox below for a chance to have your submission featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via