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14 Cakes That Will Make You Say, "I Didn't Realize How Horrifying Giving Birth Was Until I Saw That Buttercream Labia"

Birthing cakes are the new gender-reveal cakes.

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You may be familiar with gender-reveal cakes, the latest millennial trend...

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...where expectant parents cut into a cake to find out the gender of their unborn child.

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But gender-reveal cakes are OVER. Done. Finito. Buried by the sands of time. Crushed beneath the ever-rolling wheel of capitalism.

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1. And in their place, rising like a phoenix from the gender-reveal ashes, comes BIRTHING CAKES.

Instagram: @philipp_haegeli

2. Because nothing says "baby shower!" like an infant falling out of a DalĂ­-esque vajeen.

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3. These cakes are a celebration of the horror to come.

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5. How I'm supposed to breath with no air? No aiiiir!

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7. Just like Darth Vader clawing his way out from the lava.

Instagram: @headbangerer

8. Let my body do the work, work, work!

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9. This devious baby is biding his time.

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10. All eyes on me when I walk in, no question that this girl's a 10.

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11. Hop out my uber like wassup.

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12. TFW when your husband is totally unhelpful but you're welcoming life into this world and lookin' good.

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13. Weezy F, baby. And the F is for fetus.

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