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Books You Loved If You Were A Sensitive Girl Growing Up In The 2000s

If it didn't make you cry... it wasn't a book. It was a stack of papers without meaning.

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1. Stargirl

Random House

That moment when Stargirl wins the spoken word competition and she gets off the bus, expecting a huge cheering crowd, but there are only 3 people there?


Why has this not been made into a movie yet?


5. Go Ask Alice

Simon & Schuster

(I know, this book is way old. It was published in 1971, but, in fairness, it dominated the Barnes and Noble YA section in 2008.)

In this book, a 14 year-old does acid at a party and ends up selling her body on the streets of Berkley to support her heroin addiction. And then her dirtbag friends drug her and send her to the psychiatric ward!

Lol, 8th grade is so crazy.