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19 Underrated Mariah Carey Songs That You Should Add To Your Playlist Right Now

Yes, there's a Christmas song, don't @ me.

Today is Ms Mariah Carey's birthday. Or as The Elusive Chanteuse, herself calls it... Her Anniversary. Here is a list of her most underrated songs.

30 years in the music industry. 15 studio albums. 8 compilation albums. It was a struggle to think of only 19 lesser–known songs.

1. "The Roof"

Taking it back to 1997, it's almost criminal "The Roof" didn't chart higher. An R&B ballad featuring Mobb Deep "Shook Ones Part II". It really solidified Mariah's new grown–up sound and showed more of her creativity.

2. "#Beautiful"

The hashtag. The guitar intro. Miguel's effortless vocals. It has this modern Motown feel and should have been a bigger hit.

3. "Unforgettable"

Technically a French Montana song, but in my opinion it's SO much better than the original.

4. "Obsessed"

The diss track to Eminem's "Superman". When a song opens with the classic Mean Girls line "Why are you so obsessed with me?" you know greatness is going to follow.

5. "Get Your Number"

Mariah rapping about her house in order to get a guys number?! Would never happen, but it's a great club hit.

6. "Loverboy"

Ahh "Loverboy", the apparent reason behind the Mariah/J.Lo feud. Carey originally had the Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker" sample but J.Lo released her song "I'm Real" with the sample first. Carey then changed the composition to feature Cameo's "Candy" so at least we can electric slide to it now. #justiceforglitter

7. "Thank God I Found You – Remix"

ANOTHER remix. The original had 98°, and let's face it... BORING. This version still has Joe but it's added Nas and sampled Keith Sweat's "Make it Last Forever".

8. "Save The Day" with Lauryn Hill

Recently released on Mariah's eighth(!) compilation album "The Rarities". It features vocals from Lauryn Hill's vocals in 'Killing me Softly" and is an awesome song featuring two '90s R&B Queens.

9. "Sprung"

A bonus track on the Japan release, "Sprung" is a perfect summery R&B track about Carey being head over heels in love.

10. "Bliss"

You NEED this on your bedroom playlist. The smooth vibe + Mariah's whisper register = Bliss.

11. "Through The Rain"

The first single after Mariah left her record label and Father died – Carey sings about getting through some hard times. We've all been there.

12. "Don't Forget About Us"

This was a track on the re-release of The Emancipation of Mimi. Carey reminds her ex-lover of their relationship and contains the line "I bet she can't do like me, she'll never be MC". Which is just a fact.

13. "Infinity"

A breakup song that shows Mariah still has her amazing vocals almost thirty years into her career. I may have sung this badly in my room following a recent break up and I regret nothing.

14. "Heartbreaker (Remix)"

The original might have Jay Z, but the remix has Da Brat, Missy Elliott, AND even Snoop Dogg in the video. It has an added girl power vibe that is just sublime.

15. "O Holy Night"

Everybody knows "All I Want For Christmas Is You" but honestly it's overplayed and boring. O Holy Night embodies the soul of Christmas and my favourite on the album. I know I've put a Christmas on the list but it HAD to be done.

16. "Clown"

The first Eminem diss track. "Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down (You're no superhero)" prompted Em to release "Superman".

17. "Caution"

The title track from Mariah's 2018 album. A classic smooth RnB song about being vulnerable in a new relationship.

18. "Crybaby"

Snoop and Mariah. If Mariah can do one thing well, it's having a rapper make a great song greater! I personally love Mariah singing lower and demonstrating her incredible range.

19. "So Lonely"

A sequel to 2005's "One and Only", So Lonely features on Twista's album. A welcome reminder that Mariah can sing on a hip hop track with no trouble at all.

"Fantasy (Remix)"

Bonus song because WU-TANG FOREVER! I never thought I'd be singing "What you gonna do when you get out of jail" but Mariah and ODB got me.

You can listen to everything here

What's your favourite underrated Mariah song? Comment below.