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What's Something You Wish People Understood About Eating Disorders?

Tell us the stuff you wish people knew.

The first week of March is Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

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Beat Eating Disorders estimates that around 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder, but they're some of the least understood mental illnesses, and are often stigmatised.

If you're someone who suffers from an eating disorder, what's something you wish other people understood?

I've suffered from an eating disorder for years, and I've found that the impact it's had on my life has often been misunderstood, even by people who are closest to me.

Eating disorders come in many different forms and everyone's experiences are different, and while this is a sensitive topic, having open discussions within a safe space is really important.

If you've got an eating disorder, we want to know what you wish other people understood about them. Tell us your story in the comments below and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can use this Google form — and remember: let's make this a safe space for people to share their experiences.

If you're dealing with an eating disorder and need someone to talk to, the National Centre for Eating Disorders Helpline is 0845 838 2040 and you can find Beat Eating Disorder's one-to-one web chat here.