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    12 Apps That Will Help You Reduce Your Stress

    Because we all need to take better care of our mental health.

    1. To calm yourself down with music when feeling anxious, try Cove.

    Cove / Via

    2. For relaxing things to do during your breaks, try Teeny Breaks.

    Teeny Breaks / Via

    3. To relax before going to bed, try Relax Melodies.

    Ipnos / Via

    4. To find your potential stress triggers, try Sanvello.

    Sanvello / Via

    5. To track your mood, try My Possible Self.

    My Possible Self / Via

    6. For an easy meditation routine, try Headspace.

    Headspace / Via

    7. To talk to someone when it's just too much, try TalkSpace.

    TalkSpace / Via

    8. To play the most relaxing game ever, try Flower.

    That Game Company / Via

    9. For activities that will reduce your stress levels, try Happify.

    Happify / Via

    10. To fall asleep quicker even when you're worried, try Pzizz.

    Pzizz / Via

    11. To break negative patterns, try HelloMind.

    HelloMind / Via

    12. To tackle the physical symptoms of stress with breathing exercises, try Stop, Breathe & Think.

    Stop, Breathe & Think / Via
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