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The Anti-Instagram Project

Because good pictures are also made for sharing...

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First of all, we have nothing against Instagram. Actually, we think it is a pretty awesome app. We use it, whether to make our good pics nicer or to turn our terrible photos into something cool. But, in today's digital hurry, sometimes we forget the basics of photography and what make it great.

Since the beginning, photography is all about light manipulation, whether by controlling the hour you go out to make a shot, the aperture, the shutter, the zoom in or out, the film development, the chemicals, the contrast, the tones, the silver nitrates, pixels, the lens filters, the white balance, even the hand you put in front of a lens because of some flare.

That said, we are not narrow minded to think the basics represents only film photo. We consider photography to be all about processes, including digital. Processes are unique, they can turn out worse or better then you predict, but it makes you work for it and wonder the results.

Nice images are nice not because they have some crazy cool filter, but instead because they say something to you. Walter Benjamin called it "aura". You can call it whatever you want.

What we flag here is not mere photo decoration, which is fine by the way, but a process that could give life to your photo. Not only "likes". / Via

Photo © Gábor Tóth

The Smith (Hungary)

Camera: EOS 550D/T2i Canon Kit Lens 18-55 IS

Shutter: from 1/40 to 1/80 and usually with f5.6

Strobist info: Ianiro Lilliput 800w continous light through diffuser umbrella and some natural light through window

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