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Former The Voice Contestant Steals $76K From Kickstarter Backers

Nearly 3 years after collecting $76,000 from Kickstarter backers, Jordis Unga has disappeared from social media and has not fulfilled her promised obligation to backers.

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In 2012, Jordis Unga seemed to be on top of the world.

After a failed attempt at fame on INXS Rock Star, Jordis Unga found herself voted off of NBC's The Voice. For many, two failed reality TV show stints would be discouraging, but Jordis used her 15-minutes of fame to her advantage. Jordis reached out to crowdsourcing to help fund her debut album.

The premise was simple. Per the Kickstarter page, Jordis made the following promise: "I'm making my dream record! Join me on my journey by pledging your support & receive some super sweet rewards in return!!" .

Fans responded enthusiastically. As of June 11, 2012, the campaign collected $75,949 in pledges, smashing the initial goal of $33,100. In response to these pledges, Jordis promised rewards that ranged from a digital download of the new album, kissed postcards, signed photos, autographed guitars, Skype sessions, backstage passes, and clothing that she had worn on The Voice.

Sounds great, right?

There were signs of trouble very quickly. After collecting her windfall, Jordis immediately disappeared from social media. Fans remained optimistic and supportive, however it became clear that Jordis was unwilling or unable to fulfill the promises that she had made to fans. Rewards were promised to be submitted by

December 2012 and that date passed without acknowledgement.

In addition to the lack of follow-though, Jordis became quite the jetsetter. Her Instagram and Facebook were filled with photos from trips to Hawaii, Beijing, and – the latest from March 2015 – Australia. Jordis ignores fans who inquire about the status of the Kickstarter rewards.

To further bolster her backroll, Jordis reached out to former Voice contestant Justin Hopkins to source additional crowdsourcing money through Showkicker.

While Kickstarter's terms state that project creators have a legal obligation to fulfill their funded projects, Kickstarter's customer support does not help backers who are swindled by dishonest project creators. Kickstarter profited nearly $4000 from the failed project and show no interest in supporting the duped backers. The dismissive response from Kickstarter" stated "Thanks for updating me about this situation, and I'm sorry to hear that this has not been a better experience for you and other backers of the JORDIS UNGA project. I do see that we've reached out to this creator in the past to remind them of their obligations, as well as our expectations regarding communication. I'm sorry they haven't yet responded to you and other members of their backer community."

Jordis last logged onto Kickstarter on August 27, 2014.

As of today, Jordis has not fulfilled Kickstarter obligations and sent the rewards that backers paid for nearly 3 years ago.

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