Benedict Cumberbatch - Vogue, Strike A Pose.

Added to the numerous celebrity collection photographed by Annie Liebovitz, The Batch is looking good as he's ever been. Perhaps, the sexiest he's been?

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Jennifer Lawrence might get front page attention grazing the September issue of Vogue magazine (USA, ready for purchase this week) but Benedict Cumberbatch's photo spread will raise eyebrows - in a good way. Liebovitz photographs the English gent and captures his smoldering look. The blue eyes, the lighter roots showing from a recent dark dye job, the way his hair is tousled yet remaining slick, the slightly toasted shade of sun-kissed skin, THOSE CHEEKBONES, and the stubble. This image of Benedict shows his raw yet dashing good looks that totally offsets the cinema leading man "look".

Go ahead - stare at him.

Gaze at those baby blues.

Swoon over that perfect Cupid's bow his upper lip offers.

Am I the only one who finds his brow lines attractive?

Massive thanks to Annie Liebovitz for capturing in photograph, the sexy beast that is Benedict Cumberbatch.

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