7 Reasons Why You Should Be Friends With Kandee Johnson

The beauty guru famous via YouTube lives up to her title. She’s more than a make-up artist. She exemplifies that beauty, really is skin deep and is in the eye of the beholder. Cliche but with a name like Kandee, she’s as sweet as you’d expect.

7. She’s a babe.

Look at those cheekbones. Perfectly arched eyebrows. Full lips. Button nose. Picture perfect teeth.
OKAY, enough fan-girling.

6. She’s a Mum.

[featuring her youngest, Ellie and her oldest, Jordan. Besides being a Mom of 4, she still has time to do tutorials, make appearances in beauty-cons, travel, and be her perky, awesome self!]

5. Whatever kind of hair, don’t care.

She’s gone from her natural brunette long locks to ombre to chalk to a short bleach blonde. Through all these changes, she still manages to look like a rockstar.

4. Look-a-like tutorials.

Can you say:
, , , , ,
Look at these spot on tutorials of costume make-up, Disney princess transformations, Edward Scissorhands, Betty Boop, and Queen of Hearts - to name a few!

3. She loves her family.

From her parents to her sister to her kids - Kandee involves them in their videos.

2. Social Media Queen

Ok, maybe not. But she’s easily accessible in the 3 Social Media outlets everyone knows about:

She also blogs daily on kandeej.com - anything & everything beauty/cosmetics-related, a wide variety of tutorials, and giveaways.
Her more personal blog, kandeelandkandeeland.blogspot.com focuses more on her life as a Mom.

1. 1. She’s an inspiration.

This is the 2nd video I saw of Kandee upon discovering her on YouTube. After watching it, I cried, and realized that my own dreams weren’t dead. Since then, I’ve pursued my dream of becoming a make-up artist. Several months from when I first viewed that video, I was working photoshoots and fashion shows. Thanks, Kandee!

….because who wouldn’t want this super cool chick as their friend?!

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