• Octarin

      I am overweight, and I need alot of body correction because of several things having gone wrong over the years and over several surgeries. I know that if insurance companies over here covered plastic surgery I’d be over there IN A BLINK cause I can’t afford to pay the exuberant amount of money it requires. But in my country they don’t. So I guess, she didn’t much feel uncomfortable with the flabby tummy, or else she’d have done it. Fact is, she went to alot of trouble to lose weight, which took great determination, and she could have applied same determination to losing the flab. Moreover, without wanting to be mean, that image isn’t fit. She’s not fit. She’s just skin hanging due to excess weight loss and no gym downtime. That’s as far away from fit as you can get without being fat. So, yeah I can understand why they rejected her. What I can’t understand is why she wanted to submit this to begin with. Did she make that effort for the magazine or for herself? What is she trying to prove and to whom? Furthermore, to the people who say the magazine lied, be realistic guys, what would you have them tell her “your skin’s hanging off your bones and you look godawful and we can’t publish a picture like this cause it’s gross and we’re gonna lose audience”? There is such thing as tact. Overall, good going to her, I applaud her determination to go this far, and that’s as far as it should concern anybody, that kind of trek is a personal matter, and nobody else’s business. When you hand yourself over to other people to judge and criticize you, you’re bound to get disappointed. Especially when it’s got to do with publicity.

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