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15 Summer TV Shows You Should Watch

With a bunch of shows wrapping up in the coming weeks, it's time to get ready for the new TV season. Here's a guide to the best (new and returning) series of the summer

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1. Aquarius (May 28, on NBC)


A juicy plot, with David Duchovny hunting Charlie Manson. And good news for binge-viewers: all 13 episodes will be available after the premiere. There's a catch, though: you'll have a month to watch them. Tick tock.

3. The Whispers (June 1, on ABC)


Kids do the creepiest things (like trying to kill their mom). But wait, they are manipulated by aliens. Not much surprisingly, Steven Spielberg is the executive producer of this new paranormal thriller.

4. Hannibal 3 (June 4, on NBC)


They kept us waiting for a year, but finally Doctor Lecter and detective Will Graham are coming back. And it looks like Zachary Quinto will pay a visit. The hunt starts again.

5. Sense8 (full season available June 5, on Netflix)

Murray Close/Netflix

Matrix meets Cloud Atlas in the new Wachowskis' thriller. Eight people from different parts of the world are connected to each other. Like one would eat a burger in San Francisco and another would taste it in Seoul. Curious? You betcha!

6. Orange Is The New Black 3 (full season available June 12 on Netflix)


We all missed it, but the wait is almost over. Ready to go back to Litchfield? Crazy inmates, kinky jokes and dramas are waiting for you.

7. True Detective 2 (June 21, on HBO)

Courtesy of HBO

OK, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were bloody good, but seriously: Vince Vaugh, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams plus an intriguing crime/sex/lies plot: need I say more?

10. Humans (June, on AMC)


Forget the Apple Watch. The latest must-have gadget is a Synth - a robotic servant. At least in the parallel present of this new sci-fi drama, a remake of the Swedish Real Humans.

11. Masters of Sex 3 (July 12, on Showtime)


Bill and Ginny unveil their kinky experiments (shame on them!). Libby spices up her boring life as a housewife. And The Good Wife's Josh Charles joins the cast. Save the date.

12. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (full season available July 17 on Netflix)


Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Christopher Meloni are back for the 8-episode prequel of the classic 2001 comedy. Add Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, John Slattery, Josh Charles. And start packing.

13. Fear the Walking Dead (this summer, on AMC)


It's time to celebrate, zombie lovers! The much-anticipated spin-off of The Walking Dead is coming this summer and will bring more terror and cannibals (in Los Angeles).

14. Blunt Talk (this summer, on Starz)

Via Starz

Patrick Stewart is a Brit anchor with a passion for alcohol, cocaine, spanks (and other super politically incorrect stuff). As you might have guessed, the show is produced by Seth MacFarlane.

15. The Strain 2 (this summer, on FX)


If your stomach can handle it (and maybe you should avoid dinner hours), you'd better watch the second season of Guillermo del Toro's horror TV show. Just in case, check out the trailer first.

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