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15 McDreamy Moments That Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Never Forget

Spoilers ahead. Grab another box of tissues and get ready to start sobbing again. Here are some of Derek Shepherd's most memorable scenes

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1. When he met Meredith at Joe's

ABC / Via

2. When his (first) wife showed up

ABC / Via

3. When he had sex with Meredith in an exam room

4. When he saved Meredith from drowning

5. When Meredith surprised him with a candle house

ABC / Via

6. When he proposed to Meredith

ABC / Via

7. When he wrote his vows on a post-it

Scott Garfield / ABC / Via

8. When he actually married Maredith

YahooTv / Via

9. When he took a bullet and almost died

10. When he went fishing with Cristina

11. When he almost died in a plane crash

Craig Sjodin / ABC / Via

12. When he played tea cups with Zola and Meredith

ABC / Via

13. All the times he laughed with Meredith in their bed

Eric McCandless / ABC / Via

14. Bailey's birth (during a storm)

Danny Feld / ABC / Via

15. When he said his last "I love you" to Meredith

ABC / Via

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