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    • margarets26

      Having lived in parts of the world where hijab was required, I think that this is a good example of what happens when women think they are being forced to do something yet they desire to be ‘desirable’. It speaks to the issue of Western intoxication with image and images all the way to documenting it as such, an image. Does that make it good or bad? Hmm. Well, as a muslim and as one who chooses not to wear Hijab I am not in the judge’s seat. Having taken hijab not once but three times I can say it is a huge pressure and a person ought to be conscious of what is actually going on when they find they need to incorporate obviously Western ‘standards’ of beauty and realize that one way or the other, they lack choice in the matter. My choice is to simply be me, modest me and as such I hope to be a role model to other conflicted women not only in “America” but wherever I go and to whomever knows me as a “muslim”.

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