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10 Facts Most People Don't Know About Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is ditching his conservative persona for late night starting tonight, September 8th! But did you know...?

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1. He was in a Cover Band...

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...for the Rolling Stones! He was the Mick Jagger of "Shot in the Dark" as a teenager.

2. He's a HUGE Tolkien Fan / Via

Colbert would get so excited talking about LOTR that he would often drop his character on the Colbert Report. He speaks Elvish, has hosted panels on LOTR, and even had a cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug along with his family!

3. He Teaches Sunday School / Via

Colbert is a devout Catholic, who has not shied away from discussing his faith in interviews. This includes attending Mass regularly and helping out by teaching Sunday school at his local parish.

4. He Was Once the Understudy of Steve Carrell

View this video on YouTube / Via

You can see the two perform in a Second City show above. Colbert was Carrell's understudy in a gig before the Colbert Report, while they were both doing improv at Second City in Chicago. Colbert volunteered at the chance, only to discover that he needed to know how to play the baritone horn.

5. He has Overcome Great Loss / Via

Stephen Colbert's father, along with two of his brothers, died in an airplane accident when he was 10. He credits his mother's love and example as the reason why he was able to preserver.

6. He was in Law & Order / Via

Like every actor, Colbert guest starred in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Playing James Bennett, Colbert took on a much darker role than his usual comedic presentation.

7. He has a ton of things named after him... / Via

...including a bridge in Hungary, a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, a hockey mascot of a minor league team, a Virgin America airplane, and the treadmill on the International Space Station, and a cocktail.

The "Colbert Bump", created by David Wondrich, is one and a half oz. of gin, one oz. of Cherry Heering liqueur, one quarter of an oz. of lemon juice, and a dash of soda water.

8. He Shut Down the Wikipedia Page for Elephants / Via

Colbert encouraged his followers to write the following on the Elephant wikipedia page: "Elephant population in Africa has tripled over the past six months." It became impossible for Wikipedia to keep the page without the untrue alteration, and so the page was locked. After the page was unlocked, fans continued to attempt to edit the page.

Just ask Wikipedia.

9. His middle name is Tyrone. / Via


10. You Can Watch His Late Show Debut TONIGHT

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert premieres tonight at 11:35 EST!

Or, you know, if you are reading this and it's NOT September 8th, 2015... I guess you missed it.

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