This Is The Cutest Damn Cat Tent Of All Time That You Can DIY

    It's purrrrrfect.

    Can we just talk about how you can make a cat tent out of a cotton t-shirt?

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    What you need:

    · Small men's t-shirt

    · 2 wire hangers

    · Wire cutter

    · Pliers

    · Gorilla tape

    · Cardboard


    1. Cut two 15x15 squares of cardboard. Brush on PVA glue and glue them together.

    2. Using a wire cutter, cut the hook part of the hanger off. Straighten the wire to a straight line, using the pliers to help. Curve and bend the wire into an arch. Repeat for the other hanger.

    4. Use a sharp object to pierce the cardboard base at all four corners. You could use the hook part of the hanger, if you like.

    5. Push the wire arches into holes diagonal from each other, so the arches from an 'X' from the top. Bend about one inch of the wires inward tape to the bottom of the base.

    6. Pull a small men's t-shirt over the structure so that the neck hole becomes the 'entry' to the tent. Pull taut, and pin the sleeves and back of the t-shirt to the base of the tent.

    7. Place some old fabric fabric/cushion/towel for added comfort.

    Inspired by this post.