This Ingenious Wrapping Trick Will Make Secret Santa Even Easier

    Saint Nick's got nothing on you.

    Your Secret Santa party is tomorrow and you have literally no idea what to get for Doug in HR.

    Not to worry. This genius wrapping trip will elevate any random gift you grab in a heartbeat.

    1. Start by tracing this shape 8 to 12 times on thick cardstock.

    Take a minute. Nobody's judging.

    2. Cut out your pieces.

    3. Link the ends of one side together in a circle.

    Lay it down and watch it SWIRL.

    4. Flip the whole thing over and connect the other ends together.

    5. Gently spread two strips to sneak little gifts in there. Get creative! Stuff it with chocolates, alcohol nips, or a pair of earrings.

    If you can't bear to let go of the swirly goodness, make a new one to keep for yourself, and use it as decoration.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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