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    Ditch Your Purse For These DIY Pizza Pockets

    Hold the olives, please.

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    What you need:

    · Hot glue gun

    · Hot glue

    · Tan, red, and yellow felt

    · Scissors

    · Sewing Machine

    · Needle

    · Thread

    · Velcro strips
    · Split rings


    1. Cut the tan felt sheet into an isosceles triangle with a 1.5-inch extension on the base. Cut scalloped edges. This will be the fold-over crust and the back of the pocket.

    2. Cut the yellow felt into an isosceles triangle that matches the tan triangle.

    3. Cut the red felt into 1.5-inch circles. Cut some of them in half, like pepperoni that’s been cut from a whole pie.

    4. Sew two sides of the tan and yellow triangles together, leaving the ‘crust’ edge open.

    5. Hot glue two thin strips of Velcro to the top of the slice, one on the yellow piece and one on the brown.

    6. Hot glue the red "pepperoni" pieces and/or other toppings of your choice onto the cheese!

    7. Fold a small strip of tan felt in half and sew onto the edge of the crust. Hook a split ring/keyring onto the loop.

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