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    Posted on Jun 4, 2016

    Knock Your Dad's Socks Off With These DIY Swiss Army Keys

    Mind-blowing in so many ways.

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    What you need:

    *Craft plywood sheet


    *Clamp-on vise

    *Small binder clips



    *Gorilla Glue


    *Drill Bits

    *(x2) #8-32 x 1in Machine screws

    *(x2) #8-32 Hex nuts

    *(x5) #8 Washers

    *Sanding sponge

    *Wood stain


    *Paint brushes


    *Put on work gloves for protection!

    Clamp wooden sheet into the vise and saw off two 4in x 1.7in rectangles.

    Trace the wooden piece onto the metal sheet and cut slightly smaller than the wooden piece.

    Using the shears, cut the metal sheet into two smaller rectangle pieces.

    Draw semi-circles onto the ends of the rectangle pieces to make a 'pill' shape. Cut and sand the ends for both the wood and metal pieces.

    Apply a very thin layer on glue onto the wooden pieces and glue the metal pieces on top. The glue will expand as it sets, but be sure not to over-apply.

    Clamp together using some small binder clips.

    Set overnight.

    Paint on wood stain and glaze. Set overnight.

    Drill small holes into the ends of the pieces. The drill bit should be approximately the size of the screws.

    Screw the Machine screws through the holes, then alternate between putting the washers and the keys onto the screw.

    The screw should be able to fit 4 keys on each side.

    Screw the other piece onto the machine screw, then screw on the nut, just tight enough for the keys to be able to move around without dangling loosely. Repeat on the other side.