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    Keep Your Kids Entertained In The Car With This DVD Activity Kit

    Ahhhh, silence.

    It's time to get some peace and quiet in the car.

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    What you need:

    *An Old DVD Case

    *Hard Cutting Surface


    *X-Acto Knife

    Construction Paper




    *Glue Gun & Glue

    *Duct Tape


    Remove the image from the DVD case.

    Place a hard cutting mat/surface in between the case and the outer plastic cover, to protect it.

    Use an x-acto knife to cut the DVD clip. Cut slowly and carefully.

    Cut construction paper in the size of the dvd case. Use glue gun to glue paper onto the DVD case. This will cover the hole.

    Arrange markers on the construction paper. Tape together by the marker caps. Flip and tape again. Flip over once more, then tape the top of the markers to the top of the inner case.

    Lift the markers to stand, then tape the markers down underneath.

    Cut and measure a sheet of felt to cover above the pens and below the pens. Glue them down using the glue gun.

    Glue the small notepad onto the other side of the case.

    Flip over, and add a fun custom design and slip into the sleeve.

    Close up.