Get Your Kids To Clean Up Their Room With A Stuffed Animal Zoo

    Tame the beasts.


    (A) 1/2-IN x 1-1/2-IN Pine Boards x 4

    (B) 0.75-IN x 3.5-IN Pine Boards x 8

    Put together four (B) boards in a square, with two screws for each corner. Drill a pilot hole before drilling in the screw. Repeat for each corner.

    Attach the (A) boards to the corners of the square base as pillars.

    Put together another square using 4 more of the (B) boards, then attach to the pillars.

    Paint the whole structure. Let dry.

    Measure out so that there would be 5 inches between each hook. Drill pilot holes, then screw the Eye Screws into the pilot holes. Do 8 sets of 5 hooks each on each edge, for a total of 20 hooks.

    Thread the nylon rope through the top and bottom hook, then tie a knot on one end. pull tight, and tie the knot on the other end. Cut, then seal the end with hot glue to keep from fraying.

    Paint wooden letters and the extra (B) Board and let dry.

    Place the Last (B) board face down on the top front of the 'Zoo'. Make pilot holes and drill.

    Make pilot holes in the wooden letters after positioning them on the front of the 'zoo'.

    Drill the letters in. Hot glue ceramic animals onto the (B) board placed on top.


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