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Organize Your Closet With These DIY Shoe Hangers

Save some space for once.

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What you need:

*Wire hangers


*Hot glue

*Glue gun


Bend the wire hanger in the midpoint of the sloping sides, and the middle of the base.

Fold the ends upwards until the hanger is a 'butterfly' shape.

Hot glue the end of the ribbon to the 'hook' of the wire hanger at an angle.

Start wrapping the ribbon around the hanger, traveling down to the 'split'.

At the split, continue wrapping on one side until you get to the folded, overlapping part of the hanger, the beginning of the butterfly 'wing'.

Wrap AROUND both wires vertically, then horizontally. continue wrapping on the straight side of the 'wing'.

When you reach the corner, wrap a little fourth to you get the whole corner wrapped, then start wrapping the ribbon around the whole loop. Work your way down the 'wing'.

When you reach the end, wrap the ribbon around the two overlapping wires again, then pull the ribbon across to the other overlapping point. Repeat until you reach the end of the second wing. wrap all the way up to the 'split', and hot glue the remaining ribbon down.

Take a small, 2 inch strip of ribbon and wrap it around the tip of the 'hook'.