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    Posted on Mar 24, 2016

    How To Make These Beautiful AF Decoupage Easter Eggs


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    Make these super easy decoupage eggs for Easter.

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    Place a pin on the 'pointed' end of the egg, then gently hammer in with a dense, flat object.

    Flip over, then repeat. Use the pin to gently widen the opening. This is where the contents of the egg will come out.

    Flip the egg, position over the cup/bowl and blow into the top opening. The liquid should start coming out the other end. If the yolk blocks up the opening, take the pin or a toothpick and pop the yolk inside the shell. you may also widen the top/bottom hole slightly to help it flow better.

    Once emptied, run water through the holes and blow the water out when clean.

    Find a napkin design of your choice. cut out the part of the design you'd like on the egg. Peel the printed layer off.

    Brush the egg with Mod Podge (PVA works as well). Carefully place the cut out design where you want it to go. Brush another layer of glue on top to seal it. Let dry for at least 5 minutes on the pin board.


    Measure and mark out 1 inch squares. Place pins onto the intersections to make a grid.


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