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    3 Fancy AF Ways To Turn A Gift Bow Into The Real Gift

    I'm a motherf****n' star bow.

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    Not every gift goes over well.


    But the gift is all in the presentation. Wrap everything with these bows and your friends and family will love anything you put under the mistletoe.

    You're going to need to get a few things...

    Scissors, $7.59

    Double-sided tape, $3.57

    For the Star Bow:

    3-inch wide satin ribbon, $7.99



    For the Paper Flower Bow:

    Tissue paper, $6.53

    Curling ribbon, $8.95

    For the Layered Bell Bow:

    1/2-inch wide satin ribbon $10.99

    Hot glue gun, $9.99

    Bell, $4.49

    Bow #1: Red Star Bow

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    1. Stack four long strips of 3-inch wide ribbon and tape ($3.57) each side into the middle.

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    2. Make a stitch with your needle and thread in the center. Fan each ribbon out.

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    3. Make a knot and wrap around it using the remaining ribbon. Finish with a piece of double sided tape.

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    If you are still confused, use this origami tutorial.

    4. Pull a stitch through each side of the pentagon to turn it into a star shape.

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    5. Tape your ribbon flower onto a wrapped gift and tape the star on top.

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    Bow #2: Paper Flower Bow

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    1. Layer 5 to 8 sheets of tissue paper ($6.53) and fold like an accordion into a 1-inch strip.

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    2. Cut the ends into petal shapes and tie a piece of curling ribbon ($8.95) in the center to cinch.

    Buzzfeed / Nifty

    3. Unfurl your accordion folds.

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    4. Peel away layers of tissue paper to create a puffy flower.

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    5. With another strip of curling ribbon, tie your flower to the top of a present.

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    I don't care if my Hogwarts letter is in there, I'm never unwrapping that masterpiece.

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    Bow #3: Jingle Bell Bow

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    1. Cut three 6-inch strips of ribbon ($10.99) and two 4-inch strips.

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    2. Twist each ribbon into a figure-eight, using your hot glue gun to hold them in place.

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    Holding the center, twist one end and glue it to the back. Twist the other end and glue it in the same place.

    3. Glue one on top of the other with the shorter-length ribbons on top.

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    4. Glue a bell in the center of your bow.

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    What kind of monster could unwrap that present?! It's perfect.

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    Watch the full tutorial here.

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