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21 Confessions Of A Southerner Going To School In The North

No, I'm not married to my cousin.

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1. When all of your friends leave for school in early August and you're stuck wallowing in the heat all alone for a good month...

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Pls get me out of this humidity.

2. ... but eventually, the day comes when you drag your suitcases full of winter clothes to the airport.



3. Sadly, you get to school only to find that it is warmer all the way up here than it was at home.

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Good thing I brought all my summer clothes! Oh wait...

4. Introducing yourself to people and realizing Northerners do not know basic U.S. geography.


Oh, you're from Charlotte? That's in South Carolina, right? -_-

5. You suffer from the dearth of all good fast-food restaurants.

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No Chick-fil-A, Bojangles, or Cookout. #RIPme

6. You randomly meet other people from your state and have an immediate connection with them.

Relativity Media

Finally, someone else to share your secret stash of Chick-fil-A sauce with!

7. And when you see them around campus, you're both like:

8. When it flurries in late September, YOU GET SO EXCITED.



9. And all your friends from up North just sit inside and judge you like:


you ain't seen nothing yet

10. You get really excited for a "barbecue," only to arrive and realize that it's just hamburgers and hot dogs.


This is not a real barbecue. This is not OK.

11. You think that you don't have an accent, but your friends manage to find the one word you can't help but pronounce differently than them.

Priority Films

But hey, it could be worse. (Boston accent, I'm looking at you.)

12. You watch football on Sundays and have nobody to cheer on your team with because everyone is a Patriots fan.


And you bring up deflategate at every possible opportunity.

13. You begin to catch yourself saying "you guys" instead of "y'all."

Fox News

*goes and listens to country music so as not to get corrupted any further*

14. You live vicariously through all of your friends' game-day snapchat stories at SEC or ACC football and basketball games on Saturdays.

20th Century Fox

Fomo is real

15. Seeing the sun start to set at 4:15 in the afternoon.


The sky's asleep so I'm asleep, right?

16. You know that all of your friends will be complaining about sub-freezing temperatures while you are dealing with sub-zero wind chills.


-30ºF is sweater weather, right?

17. However, the cold weather really puts you in the Christmas spirit, and you plan out all the fun things you are going to do when it snows.

Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions

I have to make up for never having a White Christmas somehow!!!!

18. But at the same time, it is still really cold and you cry frozen tears on the way to class every morning...


19. ...and a little piece of you dies inside when you see snap stories from back home, where it is 70 degrees and sunny.


20. When people still hold doors open for you, say please & thank you, and are, for the most part, polite, and you realize that people here aren't quite so bad after all.

Bless your hearts <3333

21. And even though you may have a new family that is closer to Canada than it is to home, nothing beats coming back home.


We may talk a little slower and like our tea sweeter, but you know that everything good in life exists below the Mason-Dixon line!

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