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6 Fabulous Responses To Homophobia This Year

2014 will be a year to be remember for LGBT rights activists. Here's a few of the wins this year.

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1. Honey Maid's 'Love' Advert

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Honey Maid / Via

Back in March, Honey Maid (an American snack) started a campaign called 'This Is Wholesome'. The point of the advert was to celebrate all families no matter what the structure.

They received a lot of backlash to it, but instead of pulling the ad, they made this video about Love.

2. This Irish Drag Queen gave an incredible speech at their National Theatre.

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Rory O'Neill / Via

This powerful speech given by 'Panti' saying that the gay community should not have to put up with "reasoned debates about you and what rights you deserve or don’t deserve".

Have the tissues ready when you watch.

3. The teacher who came out in assembly and received this touching email 4 years later...

David Weston

The former pupil, who is straight, said that the announcement was inspirational, and that it had had a "positive impact on the school" and "challenged the ignorance of so many people today".

4. Proud Nightclub owner's response to whether or not it was a 'gay-bar'...

Sick Chirpse / Via

When a company emailed Proud after booking their Christmas party saying 'Some of our staff have been told that proud is a Gay bar, is that correct? We need to know as it's against some people relision so we will need to make them aware.'

Alex Proud, the owner of the nightclub in Camden, replied with this fantastic message.

5. The gay couple who responded so gracefully to homophobic graffiti on their door...


These two guys who call themselves 'The Gays in Apt. 611', had their front door vandalised with the word 'faggots' engraved into it.

They placed a poster of the top of the graffiti which said:

To the individual who scrawled the word 'faggots' into our door

We regret to inform you that you completely failed to use glitter paint and/or sequins, your work looked rushed and your handwriting was positively atrocious.

It is for these reasons we had to remove your work from our door with sandpaper.

Fabulously yours,

The gays in Apt 611.

From now on, I'm signing off all my letters with 'Fabulously yours'...

6. The teen who posted this moving response to his attackers on Twitter...

Via Twitter: @ColeLedford11

Back in October, Cole Ledford from Ohio was attacked for kissing his boyfriend in public, he posted a picture of his injuries plus this strong and moving response to the people to his attackers.

Bonus: Warwick Rowers stripping down to help fight homophobia in sport...

Warwick Rowers / Via

They are all over BuzzFeed and even came to save the day this month at their LA office. These guys strip down to help fight homophobia in sport, of course all of us donate for the cause and not just the calendar....

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