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Jimmy Fallon Took A Dig At Trump And Then Twitter Handed Him An L

The internet never forgets.

Jimmy Fallon kicked off the Golden Globes first by improvising in front of a broken teleprompter, and then got into the hottest topic of the year: PEOTUS Donald Trump.

Our host @jimmyfallon kicks things off at the 74th Annual #GoldenGlobes!

Golden Globe Awards / Via Twitter: @goldenglobes

Jokes in his monologue included the line "This is the Golden Globes, one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote," plus: "The show has so many plot twists and shocking moments. A lot of people have wondered what it would have been like if King Joffrey had lived. In 12 days we'll find out..."

But people remember the comedian's infamous interview with Trump — and are a little taken aback.

"This is the #GoldenGlobes, one of the only places where America still honors the popular vote," says the the man who tousled Trump's hair

Emma Gray / Via Twitter: @emmaladyrose

Yeah, @jimmyfallon, could you please not pretend you weren't an enabler? It's not a good look.

Charles Clymer / Via Twitter: @cmclymer
Adam Serwer / Via Twitter: @AdamSerwer

Jimmy Fallon: *says joke about Donald Trump* Narrator: Ironically, it was Jimmy himself who helped Trump get elected.

Ira Madison III / Via Twitter: @ira

The point is, the internet never forgets.

Want to feel old? It's been 90 seconds since we've all forgotten that jimmy Fallon normalized a sociopath

Kristin Chirico / Via Twitter: @lolacoaster

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