The figures were obtained by BuzzFeed News from a confidential EU report, and via a high-ranking German politician.

Marcus Engert • One month ago

Pull up a chair and let Deutschland spell it out for you.

Marcus Engert • 3 months ago

Corbyn has decided to donate the first edition copy of J.S. Mill's On Liberty to a library.

Jim Waterson • 8 months ago

Doctors at the Vial refugee camp in Greece have turned to Lyrica, a drug used to treat epilepsy and nerve disorders, as they try to address anxiety and PTSD among the hundreds of people living there.

Marcus Engert • 10 months ago

Fifty refugees died at sea as reporters filmed.

Marcus Engert • 11 months ago

Alternative for Germany had said it would avoid using the poster because the children might feel horrified about the "cute little pig."

Marcus Engert • One year ago

The Social Democrat MP said he will not allow racist commenters to intimidate him.

Marcus Engert • One year ago

Germany should become part of the Russian Federation. And that's just one of the group's many goals.

Marcus Engert • One year ago

German police said 476 officers were injured when protesters clashed with police during the G20 earlier this month. BuzzFeed News reporting finds this figure is highly exaggerated.

Marcus Engert • One year ago

Basket of difficult translations.

Amber Jamieson • One year ago

He is one of the most powerful people in the world. He is coming to the meeting of 20 powerful countries. And he has a problem: no hotel room for the G20.

Marcus Engert • One year ago