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Harrowing Images Show Refugees Being Left To Drown At Sea

Fifty refugees died at sea as reporters filmed.

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Photographer Alessio Paduano was embedded with the crew of the Sea-Watch 3 about 30 miles from the coast of Tripoli last week when they received a distress call from an inflatable boat with refugees on board.

Sea-Watch arrived at the scene at the same time as a Libyan patrol boat. A spokesperson for Sea-Watch told the Daily Mail that the Libyans started beating and threatening the refugees as they were drowning.

That's when Paduano started taking these harrowing photos.

Alessio Paduano / AFP / Getty Images

"As I took this picture, I could hear how his breath was interrupted by the water flowing into his mouth. I still have the sound of that breath in my head," Paduano told the BBC. "It was a strong emotional moment but fortunately after a while our rescue raft approached him, now almost drowned, and the crew of Sea-Watch 3, with no small effort, was able to pull him out of the sea."


In videos from the rescue operation, you can see and hear Libyan soldiers beat the refugees with ropes, push them from the boat, or let them hang on the outside of the ship without any rescue attempts.

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At the end of the mission, there were still an unknown number of refugees on the Libyan boat — although the Sea-Watch 3 can be overheard on the radio assuring accommodation for all refugees.

#SeaWatch3 crew witnessed reckless and violent behavior by LYCG. A helicopter of the Italian Navy had to interfere…

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