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    A College Students Day Through Gifs

    7 Gifs that pretty much sums up a college student's life.

    Waking up is never easy... / Via

    no matter what time you went to bed the night before.

    Trying to be healthy and still get energy for class / Via

    Even though our food pyramid is very inaccurate.

    Classes can really make one go insane

    Business majors....I got you!

    When you get your homework for your classes

    Ha..haha...but really though!

    Trying to avoid the infamous college weight gain...


    but losing terribly...

    Finally getting to see your friends

    but it turns into a drama fest...every...time...

    Finally getting to say "F@CK IT!" at the end of the day!

    Don't care bye!

    And repeat :/

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