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Myths And Facts Related To The Food Of Humans Best Friends Dogs.

Of all the Animals Humans it is true that humans enjoy the company of dogs. Dogs are humans best friends. Dogs come in different breeds and size, however, they look and whatever they are they are just lovely creatures.

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Just to ensure that the dog has a long, healthy and happy life, it's important to schedule regular veterinary visits. Dog needs annual wellness check-ups, vaccines, dental exams and nutritional consultations more commonly like humans do. Going to the veterinarian shouldn't be confined to only when the dog is sick but on a regular basis. The food which dogs are fed in the household is not always nutritious to them. As their food, requirements are different from that of humans. For instance, 20lb of cheese that is fed to the dog is like One and half big chocolate bar to a human, though it may seem a small portion from a human perspective.

Even the left outs from the table are no good for the dogs. Dogs are needed to be dealt with dignity. Dog's need precisely balanced nutrition for their specific life stage and special needs to remain healthy. Dog foods are great because they give dogs exactly what they need without any excess nutrients that might be harmful. Most dogs become fat and lazy for the fact that their owners feed them too much and they don't give them proper exercises.

Most of the dog foods come with the tag that they are the best for the dog, but if the ingredients are made a note of, it tells a different story. These formulas, made by large conglomerate food manufacturers, derive far more protein from grains or grain by-product sources such as corn gluten meal, brewer's rice, and wheat, than from healthy meat sources. These brands and so many of them found in grocery stores, also contain poultry by-product, which consists of the leftovers unfit for human consumption, like feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs, and intestines; everything But clean meat. It's a cheap, low-quality source of protein that is far less digestible than a clean chicken meal. These ingredients are a tell-tale sign of poor quality food and are no different than discount brands at the grocery store. Although the formulas may contain a few specialized ingredients to position them as a special diet for health conditions such as joint support, urinary tract health, etc., a better way to treat these conditions is with a truly healthy food and one or more daily supplements.

More than anything dogs has to be given plenty of water to drink, the way they keep up with their digestion and also stay active. Dogs need a lot of activity they are not creatures that can be bread for security but they are also affectionate beings to whom humans can relate to. A dog, when brought into the family, becomes a member of the family so they have to be treated with care and dignity.

Feeding depends on the age. Feeding younger animals more frequent meals, like 3 times per day, is helpful while they are in their biggest growth phase. After three or four months of age, two meals per day is sufficient for most animals. Puppies should be kept slim, just like adult animals. Senior animals tend to slow down as they age, so while their calorie requirements may shrink, their need for the healthiest food that can provide is never greater. As animals age, they require quality dog food with excellent nutrition to keep their immune system as strong as possible and their joints in good working order. Continuing to feed a high quality, varied diet is the best thing to do, just feeding them a little less than normal. older dogs are most susceptible to the many health issues that obesity can contribute to, including diabetes, arthritis, and urinary tract problems.

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