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5 Home Improvements You Should NOT Do Yourself

There are just some home improvement projects you should never try to do on your own.

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Recently a friend called and asked me if I was too busy to help him. I am sure it was sarcastically since he knew I was unemployed.

Friend: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: Living the dream. So nothing.

Friend: Want to help me reroof my house?

Me: You ever done that before?

Friend: Nope.

Me: Can't see how this could possibly be smart.

Needless to say, I was able to convince his dumbass to call a professional because there are some projects you just shouldn't do on your own.

3. Broken Window


Little Timmy swung his bat and broke your window? Gee Golly Mister. Sucks to be you. Don't try it because there is so much involved in fixing it. You're going to have the ugly window with the paper over it, until they can come out and measure it and replace it.

2. Broken Pipes


I mean it's water. Who wants to deal with that mess. Yes, it's going to be costly, but the time involved as well. Do you really have the time to attempt to do a poor job on it, and still have to call a repairman? Nope.

1. Roof Repairs


Between tiles, wood, beams, insulation, elevation, and all those other "ations" you should just call an experienced professional. Plus, if you've seen Black Sheep, you don't want this to happen to you.

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