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21 Things I Think About While Running

Recently I started to run, and admittedly, I have some messed up thoughts, seriously. Here is just a small sample of the things I thought about during my 4 mile run.

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1. Oh God, I hope I don't die.


Like hit by a car, and just my luck it will be one of those strangers that are like "Oh this could be bad on my record." Lucky for me I got flung into the trees where no one can see me and I die slowly.

13. Is that a...


Oh my goodness. That's a skunk. Please don't spray me. Please please. Wait. Are you Pepe Le Pew. Okay, I see what you doing. Raising that tail trying to be funny. We are both black. Although you got a Lady Gaga thing going on. But if you spray me, black on black crime.

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