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10 Ways To Resurrect Chivalry, Guys

Chivalry isn't dead, it's just dormant and needs to be brought back from its deep mummified slumber. Chivalry is your greatest wingman. Here are 10 ways to bring it back.

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1. Open the door


Open the door for her. Not just to a building, but to a car. Don Draper can do it, so can you. I have taught my son to honor this time tested principle. Know the saying "it's the little things that count?" This is a little gesture, but it goes a long way.

2. Give her your jacket


If she appears to be cold, take off your jacket and drape it over her. You can warm up later. This lets her know that she's like super important to you and you're willing to sacrifice your own well being to make sure that she is comfortable.

3. Send her flowers


Imagine getting something you weren't expecting. Sending your woman some flowers lets her know that you were thinking about her and not just on the times where flowers are expected (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday). Put some effort into it. Find out her favorite flower and go crazy you silly guy you.

Bonus: Send random things to her job. Not just flowers, but little things she likes. It will let her know that you are thinking about her AND that you know what she likes.

5. Hold her hand


Hold her hand. Let the world know you are proud to have that beautiful woman on your arm. Another important thing, lead her through crowds. Take charge and plunge through the crowd, never letting her hand go.

6. Walking on the Outside


As silly as this may sound, there's a level of comfort associated with this. You are keeping her secure from anything potentially harmful. If it's raining, you are shielding her from the splash of a passing car. Plus, if a car jumps the curb, it can take you out and she can be safe. Vis-a-vie, you saved her. Awesome level 100.

8. Pull out her chair


Not the ol wait until she starts to sit down, and pull the chair out so she falls to the ground. Believe me, its a classic, and one that is guaranteed to end your date faster than you can say Alacazam. You want to pull her chair out for her, and scoot it under her gently. Most importantly make sure she's comfortable. Got it? Good.

9. Being kind to wait staff


It's not just geared towards her, but for yourself. Trust me, if you are rude to them, she will see this as a sign that you're an ass. They are not your servants, and most importantly, they are people too. Use manners. Like "please" and "thank you." (This applies to pretty much every situation though). They have a job to do. Be nice, not an ass.

10. Stand up for her


At times you're going to be out and guys are going to be rude to your woman. Let's be honest, a lot of guys are just terrible people. The worst thing you can do is not say anything. I'm not saying get your ass kicked, but I am saying don't let your woman be disrespected. Stand up for her. Value her like the treasure she is.

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