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    Posted on Apr 5, 2016

    31 Hilarious Art History Photos That Capture Going To The Gym

    Bench press sucks regardless of what century it is.

    1. When you join a gym and the receptionist tries to sell you a two-year membership.

    2. When you try pre-workout to make sure it's legit.

    Jean-Baptiste Regnault / Via

    3. When you have a set of repetitions left on the back machine and someone wants you to move so they can use it.

    Pompeo Batoni / Via

    4. When the gym's full of hotties and you don't even know where to look anymore.

    Thirst is the worst!

    So hot your eyes multiply.

    Sant Climent de Taül / Via

    5. When you get to the locker room and everyone's busy looking in the mirror and taking selfies...

    Edward Burnes-Jones / Via

    6. ...except for that one person wandering around naked without a care in the world.

    Rothschild Canticles / Via

    Are they ever under the age of 50?

    7. When you and your friend share a workout routine.

    Jacques-Louis David / Via

    8. When you're paired off with a total stranger in a group class.

    Michiel van der Borch / Via

    9. When you ask someone with a great body if you can use their dumbbells.

    10. When diet talk eventually comes up in the locker room and you realize that healthy food isn't all it's cracked up to be...

    d'après Raphaël / Via

    11. ...but at least you can envision yourself having a great body in the end.

    Twitter: @medievai_react / Via Wikicommons


    Via Wikicommons

    12. When you see that guy whose body is so big that his head looks a little bit off.

    Nuremberg Chronicle. / Via

    13. When someone asks you if you only take classes "to meet people."

    Via Wikicommons

    14. When you end up taking a Zumba class and FUCKING LOVE IT.

    15. When you've spent a fortune on gym clothes and tennis shoes, plus the bracelet for your iPhone, a headband and everything, and you stand in the dressing room like, "Damn, I look good."

    16. When you fall on your ass after going too fast on the treadmill and the staff has to help you out.

    Rogier Van Der Weyden / Via

    17. When your trainer pokes and prods you to get one more rep in.

    Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres / Via

    18. When your rhythm is off and you're totally out of sync in body pump class.

    Hieronymus Bosch / Via

    19. When you wanna quit halfway through your workout 'cause beauty standards are ridic.

    Via Wikicommons

    20. When randos approach you at the gym and try to flirt.

    Sandro Botticelli / Via

    Not a chance!

    21. When you celebrate killing a hard-ass workout.

    Hartmann Schedel / Via

    22. When you and your friend are gossiping about that cutie in the mirror.

    Carlo Crivelli / Via

    23. When you learn firsthand that Pilates is a lot harder than it looks.

    Saint Beatus of Liébana / Via

    24. When you see someone use a machine without wiping it off.

    Jacques-Lous David / Via

    25. When you realize how much your membership costs and you haven't gone in two months.

    26. When your trainer gives you a muscle rub and you're totally feeling it.

    Jacques-Louis David / Via

    27. When it's Jan. 22 and the gym is packed because everyone has gone crazy with their New Year's resolutions...

    Anonymous / Via

    28. ...and then in August when the resolution crowd is long gone.

    Via Wikicommons

    29. When you finally leave and decide to indulge in a post-workout meal...

    Fra Angelico / Via

    30. ...but then have second thoughts about going a little too far.

    Francisco Goya / Via

    31. And finally, when your workout kills you, but when you get home your roommate has made some badass kebabs.

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