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    • marcodminpin

      Um…why assume “breed” means fromabreeder. As inavanity pet breeder or white trash trailer queen with 40 minpins in cages? Maybe they come from someone who owns and trains these dogs, breeds them with each other for this purpose, and two of them happened to have sex and these are from that litter?Idon’t need to list my animal and especially dog cred to validate myself or dissuade anyone from their own assumptions about anything. (As social media has conveniently allowed everyone to jump to their own conclusions or assume they seeaword and know exactly all and the only thing it connotates; as well as everything aboutaperson who makesastatement and what they must be think and feel). Must be great to know all and be able to scold and lecture everyone. Now shut up and pretend this is the real world where no one on the sidewalk wants or has to listen to you suddenly jump into things just to be negative about something you have little information on. Yes dog breeders who are in it not for the animal or for anything pro-dog but only see them as merchandise are bad. And who’s to say that shelter/adopted dogs aren’t also trained and used by these people? Anyway…this is all stupid and you’re taking something and making it about you and your opinion as if you matter. This is why we can’t have nice things. PS-HOORAY, DOGS!!!

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