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    Don't Think About Starting A Business Unless You've Learned These 5 Habits

    I guarantee you will thank me later...

    1. Do you wish someone told you certain things before you started a business?

      Do you wish someone told you certain things before you started a business?

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    Do you wish someone told you certain things before you started a business?
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    Want to start a business? That's awesome. Congratulations!

    But don't just jump in blindly. Here are five habits that will really help you.

    I recently caught up with founder and business coach Katie Melissa Ryan. Today she is a successful businesswoman. But here are the 5 habits she wish she learned before she started.


    1. I wish someone stressed to me the importance of bookkeeping. Everyone’s main focus when starting up a business online is becoming profitable and making sales. But in reality there is so much more to come and things become complicated quickly, especially keeping up with numbers from multiple businesses.

    Learn how to scale the business

    2. Another thing I wish I knew was how to scale a business from the start. Of course, I learned as time passed by, because I was forced to if I wanted to grow and improve. It would have been so nice to have a clear plan laid out on the table beforehand.

    Have daily goals

    3. Third, I wish I was told to have daily goals from the start. In my early days of entrepreneurship, I didn’t have a set goal to work toward every day. I was still figuring things out and overwhelm took over some days. Currently I have goals and tasks I write on my phone weekly so I know what my focus should be for that week.

    Get Help, It Will Be Complicated

    4. I wish someone told me how complicated it would be. People see travel and inspirational pictures on my Instagram, e-commerce sales and profits, but no one knows what really goes on behind the scenes. Success doesn’t happen overnight, well, not for most. All the time spent learning, practicing, and working eats up most of my time. When I was 23, I had to hire three virtual assistants to assist me with my workflow.

    Give up control

    5. Lastly, this is something that was difficult for me: learning that I had to give up control. I wish I knew from the start that this was part of the process if I wanted to scale. At first, it was challenging to loosen the reigns and allow others the chance to work on my business. I loved being at the stage where I had full control, knowing whatever mistakes happened, or success experienced, was because of me. Eventually I had to face this fear and hire other people in order to grow. Teamwork is essential at a certain point.

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