22 Moments That Will Ruin Your NYC Bike Ride

It happens to all of us. Add yours!

1. When you’re enjoying a bike ride in the fall, then you realize…

2. The moment you get on a cobblestone street.

tribecacitizen / Via youtube.com

3. Your first time biking on a bridge.

Unless you’re this kid.

4. When you realize how soaked you are in sweat and you’re in your work suit…

or how much butt sweat you have.

5. Pretty much when anything blocks your bike lane…

like cars on bike lanes…

Marc Climaco / Via getoffmybikelane.com

trucks unloading on bike lanes…

Marc Climaco / Via getoffmybikelane.com

6. And definitely when smelly garbage trucks are on your bike lane.

Marc Climaco / Via getoffmybikelane.com

But you get angrier when pedestrians do it…

Marc Climaco / Via getoffmybikelane.com

Outraged when cops do it…

And livid when cabs do it.

7. When it suddenly rains cats and dogs (it happens more often than you think).

8. When an awesome motorbike blocks your bike lane (and you secretly wish that you have one).

9. When you’re closest Citi bike stations are empty.

10. Or when you realize that your bike is stolen.

11. When someone fails to steal your bike, but ruins it instead.

12. When you see your stolen bike for sale on Craigslist.

13. The moment you think about how dirty the soul cyclers are (usually comes after you celebrate the idea of soul cycling).

14. When you don’t see that pothole coming.

Marcus Yam for The New York Times / Via nytimes.com
prankycomedy / Via youtube.com

15. When you get caught on a car door.

16. When there’s actually bike traffic.

reallyboring / Via Flickr: reallyboring

17. The moment you realize you’re biking the wrong way.

18. And if you’re biking the right way, when others bike the wrong way.

19. When you’re biking on your Citi Bike and someone stops you to ask “how is it?” for the 100th time.

20. When you finish your Citi Bike ride and the nearest docking stations are all full.

21. Or your closest bike racks look like this.

22. When winter finally arrives.

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